VW T2 Bay Window parts for sale

vw t2 Bay Window Camper restoration

VW Bay Window Restoration

Part way through before I started taking pictures sorry

The original plan was to grind/ sand the underneath down to remove the rust. After a complaint from the neighbours we decided that would not be a good idea.

 We got it shot blast instead and we are so so glad we did. We know the rot is gone. While here we got him to do inside the rear vents as they are near impossible to get to by hand. After shot blasting it was coated in red oxide paint (apart from the parts that showed up as needing welding. The missing outrigger was welded on as well.

All the joint / seams underneath were sealed with seam sealer, then the underside coated with  9 litres of grey stonechip. Then coated with VW Orient Blue. This will be the colourr of the bottom half of the van, The top half will be VW Pastel White.


To follow the restoration of our VW  T2 Bay Window camper please see the photos as there is a small description along the way 


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